A Course or a MOOC?

(This lesson is optional.  If you are not interested in learning about the thinking behind this tiny, independent MOOC, please feel free to move on to the next lesson).

This “course” is set up as an asynchronous MOOC. We would like you to think about how this course is different from others you may have “taken”.

Sometimes teams or groups of educators work through this course together so that they can share their learning.


This course is a tiny MOOC.  What does that mean?  We think Dave Cormier explains it really well.  For the full video, check out our OSSEMOOC site here.  For more information on kinds of MOOCs, an explanation can be found here.

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Course Overview


Twitter for Absolute Beginners is a MOOC-style course.

It is set up so that you can work on it for about 10 minutes each day, or, work through it at a faster pace if you like.

Learning opportunities have been organized for you.  Please take advantage of all of the opportunities you can.  Invite colleagues to share the learning materials and conversations. Everything is open.

Please feel free to leave comments on this blog at any time.

Course Overview:

Week 1: Using Twitter as a Library: How to Access Information (no Twitter account required)

Week 2: Creating a Twitter Account: How to Create a Positive Professional Online Presence on Twitter

Week 3: The Anatomy of a Tweet: Understanding the Language of Twitter

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