Thinking About Creating Our Profile on Twitter

Today we are reflecting on what we have found by using the simple and advanced Twitter searches, and we are thinking about what we might want our profiles to look like as we create accounts in the future.

Here is a fabulous new resource to help push this thinking – another thoughtful blog post from Tom Whitby: Who Should I Follow on Twitter?  This is a beautiful simplification on what is important when learning to use Twitter professionally.  We highly recommend that you read this as you move forward in your work with Twitter.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 11.33.08 AM
From Tom Whitby: My Island View Whom Should I Follow on Twitter?


Over the next few weeks, consider the following reflective questions:
1) What  have you learned so far from your Twitter searches?
2) Where is the value to educators in being competent  (or excelling in) the use of social media?
3) What is the best way for educators to learn about social media?

4) What are your goals when it comes to using social media in your professional life?

Thanks for learning with us!

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