Learning to Search Anonymously on Twitter

Twitter is like a huge public library of information.  Learning the skills to find the information you need, and to send out the information you want to share to the right audience, are important digital skills.

Today we are learning the very simplest way to access information on Twitter – an anonymous search.  Here is a demonstration of how it is done.

Learning Activities

  1. Try searching for things you are interested in.  Try the different types of searches like top and live.  What happens when you choose Accounts?  There are many interesting people sharing on Twitter.
  2. Some popular education hashtags include #notabookstudy, #mathleadersNEO, #fdk, #onted, #ontedleaders, #ossemooc, #cpchat.  What others can you find? What hashtag gives you information that is of interest to you?
  3. Start building community and collaborating with others in this course.  We have set up a google sheet here to collect your favourite hashtag.  Please visit the site and share an education hashtag you have found.  Several hashtags and lists of hashtags have been shared on this page.  Bookmark it as a resource for further learning.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 6.28.19 AM


The Teacher’s Guide to Twitter


Tom Whitby: Whom Should I Follow on Twitter?

Melissa Roth: Why I Love Twitter in my Classroom

Twitter hashtags to follow (contributions from #ontedleaders)


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